Hover over the abyss

Peoples has always fascinated view from the height. In order to see the world from a height of people rose higher and higher. People took risks that would rise to the top with only one goal to see the world from a height.


Today to see the world from a height can almost everyone viewing platforms have almost every skyscraper and area where they compete above.

But some species are missing from the heights they dream hover in the sky, and for thrill-seekers at an observation deck provide special facilities allow hover over the abyss. In 2008, I traveled to Europe and my route lay through the Slovak Tatras. I went up to the observation deck Lomnický Peak (Lomnický štít). There’s the first time I was able to hover over the precipice, it was the first step towards my fantasy that turned into a Horizontal Observation Wheel.

Later, when the idea has already formed in my mind in a clear way, I began to look for someone can be built such a structure?
I collected materials on various viewpoints where you can hover over the abyss. And I can say with certainty that such sensations which you get on a horizontal observation wheel, gives none of the known construction.

Next, a small survey of existing structures, all of them are static.

I sort observation deck at the height of their location, although it is not quite right in terms of opening scene from them and visitor experiences.

Skydeck 103rd floor of Willis Tower (USA).

Skydeck in Willis Tower at the Tower, a skyscraper that was built in 1974 and another who kept the title of the tallest building in the world for nearly 25 years.

f25180ed1d_o skydeck-58 09pg-vertical-extralarge 1skydeck

Grand Canyon Skywalk (USA)

In the Grand Canyon to speak at 20m from the edge of the cliff, the Skywalk with a glass floor at 1220 m above the Colorado River.

gcsw01 Grand-Canyon-Skywalk1 gcsw3 gcsw02

Glass walk Tianmen Mountain (China)

Glass walk on Tianmen Mountain at an altitude of 1430 m, its length is about 60 meters, but it has long been among the tourists is called «Trail of fear«

0_e4d6f_94c1ecfc_orig aCG5f 1176236_n maxresdefault

Observatory on Lomnický štít (Slovakia)

Steel viewing platform at a height of 2634 m hanging over the mountain peaks of the Tatra Mountains.

0_5ebf0_1f7f5792_orig igor-melika-vysoke-tatry-29-04-01-05-2012-53c igor-melika-vysoke-tatry-29-04-01-05-2012-52c 14244

Step into the Void (France)

Glass balcony on the Mont Blanc at an altitude of 3842 m

step-into-the-void France Panoramic Drop 1-2-14 step-into-the-void-1387823794-9732

Of course I have described are not all such facilities in the world, there is still a very beautiful bridges and viewing platforms such as I like console AlpspiX Viewing Platform, Langkawi Sky Bridge, an excellent viewing platform on the Blackpool Tower or atractions at Stratosphere Las Vegas tower at a height of 329 m .

My project — Horizontal Observation Wheel today not over anywhere built, but I’m sure it will be no less impressive.


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